Monday, 17 December 2007

OOOPS - Long time, no blog!!!

Oh how time flies!!!! Sorry guys, havent blogged for ages. Just been so busy (as we all are at this time of year) Have a few cards to show, but I am such a doughnut - I made a couple of notebooks for Rileys teachers and gave them to them before taken the photos. Also I finished my mums scrapbook, which I couldnt show anyway as I know she frequents my blog,(she knows she is getting it - so its ok to mention) but I forgot to take the pics of that aswell and now ive wrapped it!!!!!!!
Anyway here are a couple of cards for my parents and the teachers and children at school. As I am being a naughty blogger right now its probably best if I wish you all a great big Magical Christmas now and I hope you all have a really FABAROONIE time.
Best wishes,