Friday, 19 December 2008

Biting off more than I can chew!!

When Riley asked if we could make treat bags for his classmates I thought it would be a blessing in disguise, as writing is not his thing and the thought of him writing 15 cards, was a bit of a nightmare to be honest, as I knew he would get bored of it after the first one. So 15 little bags couldnt be that hard, could it?
Then I realised that now he is in a shared class of 2 years, I couldnt really leave out the reception class year group, of which there are 12 and it would also be nice to make some for the 3 teachers too. So, that took me up to 30. But then I couldnt really do it for one and not the other, so it was only right to make them for the children and teachers at Poppis pre-school - 24 in all. So all told it suddenly went from 15 bags to 54 (GULP!) Riley chose the PP donkey, and Poppi the Robin, So I printed the images, frames and wording and just coloured them in places and we all added the treats. For the teachers I decided on some of those big quality street, which obviously meant it would work out cheaper to buy a box of each. (well thats my excuse anyway) "the purple one" "the triangle" and some "caramel swirls" Well after bagging them and sorting through the triangles, which if you are fan, you will know half of them are never wrapped in the foil properly (come on Mr Quality Street man, sort your machines out!!) I had quite a few left over and Boy! did I feel sick. So after putting them all in boxes and waddling off to bed after one " purple one too many" I felt like a great big heffalump to the point that I thought I was never going to eat chocolate again.
As my mum knows I can certainly eat chocolate for England, but I feel that I over did it slightly (well, quite a lot actually) but hey! it is Christmas and people are always saying "live each day as though its your last." I even got up the next morning and saw a few left over in the boxes and couldnt stomach the thought of eating them. But that feeling has gone now (I knew it would) so Im off to dunk one in my latte. Have a lovely day,

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Bits and Bobs

Talk about Deja vu!!! Im sure I said last year that I would start my christmas cards earlier this year, oh well, I will try again next year. So I made all of these in a bit of hurry (can you tell?) not very pleased with them, as always have good intentions of spending more time and care putting them together, but there we go. I still have a few christmas present projects to finish too, but I like to think I work better under pressure, although I feel that I am pushing it a bit. Had quite a busy few days what with Christmas plays for both Poppi and Riley, a secret trip to toys r us, which was so much fun. I get all excited when I get the toys for the little ones, imagining their faces on Christmas morning. Spent over an hour waiting in the doctors today with Poppi, she has an infection and hasnt been herself for the past few days, so hopefully she will be on the mend by tomorrow and back on track for the big day. I cannot wait for Friday when they finish school. I love getting them home and spending the next few days getting them all excited, wrapping prezzies etc... Dentist, for me tomorrow, cant wait - I do love a bit of route canal treatment (not!!)

This is the card that I made for Dawnys big 50th. I have just been over to her blog and boy did she receive a fantastic array of cards and she deserves them all, as she is such a special, lovely lady I feel priviliged to know her. (even if she is an old bird,lol...)

Well thats it for now. Must dash and get to making the prezzies.