Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Thank you Sharon!!!!!

The fantabulous Sharon has given me "you make my day award" I feel very very humbled, as over the last few weeks I have been a very neglectful blogger. What with school holidays and work, I have not had much play time. So THANK YOU Sharon, you are very kind and you most certainly make my day, as when I pop over and see the cards that you have made from your purchases (or competition win - yes I did spot the chocolate heart ribbon you used!) they all cheer me up no end!!! It is lovely to see all my customers creations.
I would like to pass this award on to anyone who pops over, as recently there has not been much to see, so you all make my day, for being so kind and patient, waiting to see if ive posted.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

OMG! How exciting...

...for me anyway!!! Had a flick through Papercraft Inspirations and found this. Poppicrafts in P. I magazine, how amazing is that??? And its all down to Sharon de Meza for using Poppicrafts products on her fantastic commission work. Loving the cat card - sooo cute!!! So if you pop by Sharon, i'd like to say a HUGE thank you. To say you have made my day, is an understatement.



Saturday, 19 April 2008


A while back a couple of people asked me to do a tutorial for the ribbon flower card that I made. This is my first tutorial so here goes:

1. Cut 8 lengths of ribbon at 8cm. I chose 10mm mini floral satin.

2. Add sticky dots to the bottom end of the ribbon. You could also use a tape runner or double sided tape.

3. Loop the top end of the ribbon round to sit on top of the sticky dots on the bottom end of the ribbon

4. do this to all 8 pieces of ribbon.

5. Punch a 5cm circle from plain cardstock. Alternatively, you could hand cut a circle, as it will be hidden underneath the flower anyway. Cover the circle with glue dots or DST, ready to adhere the ribbon.

6. Arrange the looped ribbons around the edge. I found it best to lay them down lightly first. Then when you are happy with it, push them down to adhere properly. ( sorry about the blurry pic)

7. This is what the reverse side will look like. You can then opt to add more ribbons to this side in the same way if you wanted it to be layered.

8. I chose to add a 2" chipboard flower, 2" spotty bloom and 1" pink bloom to the top and a 3" chipboard flower to the bottom.

9. I made a hole straight through the middle and held it all together using a green jewel brad.

I hope this was of use to some of you and look forward to seeing your interpretations. Supplies are: Ribbon, blooms, chipboard, brad and photo hanger - poppicrafts. Papers - Pink petticoat.
TFL and have a great weekend.

Monday, 14 April 2008

New shop, now open!

Just to let you know that the new look Poppicrafts shop opened today! If you want to have a look at the new design its here I hope you like it - I do!! Hopefully I'l be back on track now, to get some cards made.(oh no! maybe not, another ribbon delivery tomorrow) Ive just been so busy sorting out the new website, ordering new stock and oh yeah, entertaining the little dinkies who tell me every 5 minutes that they are "bored". Mind you I can remember saying the very same thing to my mum at that age. Rileys friend has a birthday party tomorrow and Poppi is invited too, so im sure that wont be as boring. We ordered some bits and bobs that arrived today. It was funny, Poppi spent most of the day in her new swimming costume and shoes and then got all upset because she couldnt wear them in the bath (the shoes, that is, not the swimming costume???) and Riley loved his new school trousers that much that he wanted to wear them too. How odd.... Its clearly the little things that amuse them. Buy them a toy and they play with it for 2 minutes. Buy them a school uniform and pair of shoes and they are content for a day. And over the last week, Riley has swept the floors, made the beds (well sort of) done the hoovering, made tea.... The list goes on. He is a good lad and when he does things like that without me asking, it makes me realise how thoughtful he is at such a young age. Poppi just sits there and tells him what to do next. Good for her, thats what I say. Make the most of it, put your feet up while you can....




Thursday, 10 April 2008

Bloomin' Dotty

After hours at the drawing board, sorting colours, shapes and spots, Poppicrafts new dotty blooms have arrived. I have designed them, so that each pack contains 15 of each size 1", 2" and 3", which I thought would be ideal for layering. There are 3 different pack types available, if you fancy peek they are here You never know I may even get a chance to play with them myself...
I hope you like them. x

Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Just a quickie to let you know that the new ribbon embellishment kit is now in stock and also, some mini ribbon packs, in a variety of colours.
You can see them here
I would just like to also say a HUGE thank you to all my customers who take the time to send me emails and thank me for their goodies. It is very kind of you all and I really appreciate the complimentary feedback.
Next week I will be getting new spotty bloom packs and more ribbons, so watch this space for some more updates. TFL and have great evening!

Monday, 7 April 2008


Firstly, thank you to everyone for all your entries in this months competition. Trying to choose a winner has been really difficult, as ALL of the cards are brilliant. In the end I had I make a decision and my favorite was based on the originality of use of the ribbon. Im sure you will agree that this card is very original and uses my favorite colours, pink, black and white. I personally have never seen a skirt made from ribbon before and it turns the card into something a bit different and is very pretty and elegant. So the winner is, Sharon. You can see her winning card here:
So, congratulations to Sharon, if you could email me your address I'l get your ribbon off to you. Thanks again to everyone, you most certainly made it difficult for me to decide.
Hope you all have a lovely day! x

Friday, 4 April 2008


My dad is 60 today! So I just wanted to post a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him. He is the best dad in the world, and in the words of Riley "We love him all the way round the world and back again" So, thanks dad for always being there for us all. Enjoy your special day. We are all going out for a meal tomorrow evening to celebrate. Our friends are coming over to babysit. It will be the first evening Ive been out without the children for about 4 years, so I hope they are good for the babysitters?????
Hope you all have a great weekend.
Ribbons and brads - poppicrafts, Papers and image Pink Petticoat. Faux stitching and a bit of inking.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

New Ribbon Kit and competition.

Just to remind you, there are only a few days left to enter the Poppicrafts competition. The rules are to make a card or altered item using ribbon. The winner wil be chosen based on originality for use of the ribbon. The winner will receive 50 yards of mixed ribbons (1 yard of each of the 50 designs, as shown above). Unfortunately, only one person has entered so far - which doesnt really make it a competition does it?? I hope a few of you will have a go!

Also, the new "Sunshine" ribbon kit has been released today. It is the usual kit price of £5.99 if any of you fancy a look. It is a bit different to the usual pink based kits, so I hope you like it.

And last but certainly not least, this was my little girl on Friday, when she came home from pre-school. Usually, as soon as we get in I start getting tea, while Riley and Poppi play together, when I called them both only Riley came into the kitchen. She never ever falls asleep anywhere, except in bed, obviously. She had obviously found her dummy, tigger and towel. We call Poppi and Riley the towlettes in our house, as neither of them will go to bed without there little squares of towels and Poppi has to have "the silky bit" (thats the label by the way) by her face. She must have just been so, so tired - bless her!
And this was Riley after a birthday party at the weekend - and yes there were tears when we had to wash it off, as he would no longer be "the real spiderman".

TFL have a good evening.