Friday, 29 February 2008

Februarys Competition Winner

And the winner is..... Dawny P - eventually! I asked Riley to pick out of the hat, but before he did, we had to go through all the names using Jolly phonics. I dont remember having actions for every letter when I was at school, but still, it seems to work, so surely thats a good thing!! Every Friday we stop at the shop after school for a choccie bar and I told him today that once he had the photo taken he could have his chocolate - Ive never seen him pose for a photo so quick....

So congratulations to Dawny. If you could contact me when you have a mo, I can get your candy off to you.


Meet Nutmeg and Daisy, two little cuties, who get up to all sorts - they are the new clear stamps at Poppicrafts. Theres currently 10 stamps in series one, these are just 2 of them, that I just had to have a little play with. They include golfing, DIY, Fishing and Driving Nutmeg and Daisy with Balloons, Flowers, Cake and A big Heart. They are already limited stock, so if you fancy popping over and having a look - heres the link :

Hope you like them. Series 2 will be launched in March.
Thanks for looking

Saturday, 23 February 2008


Here are a few more of the cards I made for the order. Ive been playing really, you know how it is, you get stuck in a rut, making the same sort of cards, so since the new year Ive been playing with stamps (who'd have thought it - me stamping!) I got so carried away I even stamped some of the blooms!!!!! Ive been using different colours etc... to try and, not change my style but experiment more I guess... Mind you as you will notice, some of them came out in exactly the same style I usually use - I done it without even realising it. How odd!!!! I am going through that phase at the moment, where I do a bit of blog hopping, get totally inspired, go to my desk and on the way, someone has removed my brain - I go completely blank. Maybe my mind is elsewhere at the moment, after all you cant just sit down and make yourself be creative, can you?? It has to come naturally. I am completely convinced that the more you concentrate on making something, the worse it turns out.

Anyway, I enjoyed playing with the big cakes and Hettie (or as my delightful daughter calls her "big butt") from Pink Petticoat. I never tire of using the images, as they are very versatile and of course always at hand to play with. So although a few got pushed to one side - I'l finish those later, Experimenting more with chalks, inks and different pens was fun - and thats why we do all this creative stuff after all - to enjoy it!! Thanks for looking, hope you are all having a good weekend. I'l post the rest tomorrow.
Supplies are:
Papers - pink petticoat, DCWV. Brads, Eyelets, shopping charms and blooms - Poppicrafts. Ribbon - Poppicrafts, Ribbon Oasis.
Oh yes and dont forget the Poppicrafts competition closes next week, so get your entries in soon.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Card Order

Sorry I havent blogged for a bit, but weve been out and about as Riley has been off school, so I have been making the most of these precious times. Allthough I must say I had forgotten, how much he needs to be entertained. We went over to my friends on Monday, had lunch, went to the park, they both played for hours with my friends children. No sooner had we pulled off the drive to come home and "What are we doing now then mummy? Im bored" Honestly I do envy their energy levels.
Anyway, I have made time in the evenings to plough through a current order of 20 cards. Supplies are: Pink Petticoat, Basic grey and DCWV papers. Brads and eyelets - Poppicrafts. Ribbon - Ribbon Oasis. Thanks to everyone who has added the Poppicrafts banner to their blog roll. I appreciate the time that you have taken to paste it over. Will be back later to post some more of this batch. Hope you all have a great weekend! x

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Anyone fancy a blog banner?

Just for a bit of fun, if anyone fancies adding the poppicrafts banner to their blog, please copy and paste this html text to your blog roll.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""
border="0" /></a>

I just want to say a huge thank you to Liz for working her magic - you are a real star!!!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend! TFL xxx

Friday, 15 February 2008


Yes, its POPPICRAFTS competition time again!!!!

Up for grabs this month is 200 brads. They are: 35 Crystal, 25 flower, 20 zigzag, 10 "girly", 10 Ladybug, 10 handbag, 15 Ricrac, 10 plasters, 10 doctors bags, 25 ribbon loopy and 30 big button.

This months competition is 3-2-1
that is:
3 blooms/flowers
2 Brads
1 piece of ribbon

Any theme, any colour I dont mind. But you must stick to the recipe, no more, no less, just the amount above. Of course you can add any other embellishments, it can be a card, scrap layout or any altered item.

Have fun and as always, dont forget to post your link, so we can all have a peek. closing date is:28th Feb, the winner will be announced 29th Feb.

Cant wait to see your creations x

What a fantastic Surprise

A HUGE thank you to Terrie B for my award and your very sweet comments. Im guessing I cant send it back to you then. Hmmm! I think I will pass this on to my mum, because she is inspiring and her photos of her garden are absolutely stunning, she has lots a patience (she must have, she put up with me for years!!!) when taking pics and spends long hours working in her garden, making sure it is just so for all those little creatures that live there.
Also, to dawny P as she has a new blog and its nice to click over and see how shes doing. She always stops by and leaves me some lovely comments. So thank you to you both.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Yes the inevitable happened today. Some moron decided to post a comment today on my blog, with a link to some porn. Fortunately, Riley wasnt sitting with me, when I checked it out. Anyway I just wanted to apologise in case anyone else looked at the link and was as offended and me. I didnt really want to change my blog to comment approval, but I have and suggest that maybe you do to. Why these people do this I dont know, but there we go, whats done is done!
Its Rileys last day at school tomorrow, then hes off for half term - YIPPEEE!!! Mind you, hel'l probably be bored by Tuesday and want to go back, but we will be out about and i will try and keep him as busy as possible, so dont be surprised if I dont blog much next week (he probably wont allow it) Im sure he gets more bossy by the day and of course Poppi just has to follow suit. They are constantly telling me off, but I wouldnt change them for the world. They do make me laugh. Riley was doing that vile boy thing the other day, picking his nose and eating it. When I asked what he was doing "recycling mummy" was the reply - YUK!!!! What a dirty little toad. Mind you he does have his lovely little ways too. After watching the little clip of Kirsty Wisemans daughter. He did ask "can I give her all the money from my money box please?" and he did, we counted it all out and gave it to so I am very proud of him really.
Thanks for popping by x

Quick makes...

Made a few quick cards. Makes me feel like ive acheived something when a make a little batch in an evening. Used more Pink Petticoat papers. I love the new sweet cupcake range and will play with them some more. Also the new Henrietta download, how cute is she???? I will be playing with her later too. Shes really versatile, so that you can make her your own. you must go check her out if you havent already.TFL, must dash, got to go get my little lad from school.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Playing with flourishes

Sorry to everyone who keeps popping over and seeing there hasnt been a posting for while. I have had a few problems with my back and havent really been very inspired to do much at all of late. Anyway enough of that, I have been playing with my new set of stamps. STAMPS? I hear you say. It is true I am not really a stamper and havent stamped for at least 5 years. When, from memory it was only anitas stamps that were readily available. But I have been browsing the net and of course asking my blog buddie, Terrie B and just love the autumn leaves flourishes and swirls. They are more me, so without further ado I gave them a try. All this acrylic stamping is so much easier than guessing where your image may turn out. I have a long way to go before I am a pro, but I enjoyed it anyway - Oh yeah except for running off to the sink every 5 minutes to clean them. Perhaps my next mission in life will be "the self cleaning clear stamp". I also had a play with these new hydrangea blooms that I now have in stock. (A pack of 60 is just £1.65). Who know I may even jump on the Tilda bandwagon next....
So I made these for mum, as her card box is getting a little empty and without a doubt, they are definately her cup of tea.

Thanks for looking, supplies are: Brads, eyelets and blooms - Poppicrafts. Papers - Pink petticoat and basic grey. Ribbon - ribbon oasis.
Oh yeah, nearly forgot - later this week there will be another Poppicrafts competition with more candy to win.