Thursday, 31 January 2008

Little Notelets!

Made 20 little weenie notelets yesterday. The requirements were "keep it simple, with not much on them" Hmmm, simple eh? I found it really hard to not add oodles of ribbon and colour etc... But I think they turned out ok. To me they look a bit unfinished, as they are not in my usual syle, but its good to be challenged sometimes I guess. Which reminds me, I must start joining in again over at papertake weekly and Daring cardmakers. I havent done so since before Christmas... which is a tad naughty, but ive been really busy doing other stuff. Hope everyones enjoying the fantastic British weather today - YUK!!!!!
Supplies are: Blooms, brads and eyelets - Poppicrafts, Papers - DCWV and Pink petticoat, Ribbon - Ribbon Oasis

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

You Cheer me up!

Received this "You Cheer Me Up Award" today, from the fabulous Terrie. So great big hugs to you..... You are one top chick... and i am passing this award back to you.
I would like to give this award to:
My mum - because she is the best lady in the whole world and cheers me up EVERY day.
Marieke - because just looking at her colourful work makes me smile.
Liz - because just popping one of her cds in my machine makes me create lots of cards.
and of course to my little dinkies, Riley and Poppi, because when I feel a bit down in the dumps, just looking at them, makes me realise how fortunate I am. (I will print them a copy of the award and give it to them at Breakfast)
And last, but not least, to everyone who reads my blog, because of all the lovely comments that are left and I very much appreciate the fact that people pop over to look at my work - So thanks to EVERYONE, if you are reading this, you have cheered me up!!

Thanks Marieke for the Jolly Apples!!

I really enjoyed playing with Mariekes papers and tags. They are just sooo much fun. Marieke has a wonderful talent for producing such fun and bubbly masterpieces. They certainly color my world and making a card from her papers is sure to brighten anyones day. Thanks Marieke for the free downloads.
Enjoy your day. x
Supplies are: Mariekes papers, Brads and eyelets - poppicrafts, ribbon - Ribbon Oasis

Monday, 28 January 2008

Miserable Monday!

Yuk! Its foggy and damp today. Not very inviting out there. Going to make some Marieke style cards today, to brighten up the day. Shes got some fab free downloads on her blog.If you havent already checked them out- you must pop over and have a play. thanks Marieke, they are bright and cheerful, just what I need today.
Anyway, here is the rest of the scrapbook I made for mum. Some of the pictures came out dreadful, so i've left those ones out. I think there was 20 pages in total, so theres lots for her to fill in. Cant wait to see the finished product. Thanks for looking and have a good day. x

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Mums gardening Scrapbook!

As most of you know, every year I make a scrapbook for mum, to put her stunning gardening/wildlife photos and journalling in. This year I went for a 12" x 12", as anything smaller just doesnt do her pics justice. Obviously, the pictures above are a little plain, as the focal point is missing.Who knows, maybe when its complete at the end of the year, I'll show it again, in its full glory. Thanks for looking and hope you all had a great weekend. I'l load the rest of the pictures tomorrow, as theres about 13 in total. Dont want to bore you all to tears. x

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Rileys Homework!

Gosh! What a huge project for a 4 year old. It was to make a miniature garden ( to scale if possible - but we didnt do that bit, too complex for sure!) and a write up on what and why things were in your garden. Fortunately it was classed as "family" homework, otherwise he would have definately struggled. Weve been working on it all week in 5 minutes sessions as any longer he gets bored of it and loses interest. Anyway, here are the pics especially for my mum (who also roamed around her garden for little bits and bobs) and of course the lovely Terrie B who shares my passion for having poster paint under her nails - and that lovely scratchy feel it has - YUK! After we had finished Riley decided he wanted Buzz Lightyear to live in the shed. Mind you in his write up, he done a fab picture of me and him sitting on the bench watching the butterflies. Also, dont know if you can see it clearly on the photo, but he done the cutest drawing of a bee (its on one of the little blue circles)

The last picture is of the children this afternoon. Riley was frantically telling Poppi that they must put headbands, necklaces and bracelets on to protect them from "HIM" as "HE" might try and get them. It just begs the question - Who is HIM? Aaaw! bless them, they brighten my world and make me laugh every day without fail.


Thank you to everyone for entering the competition, there were some absolutely fantastic cards and I just COULDNT choose. So I took the wimps way out and asked Riley to pick one from the hat, before school yesterday, as you can see he really is not interested.
I'm really sorry, but I had PC issues yesterday, so couldnt announce the winner. So without further ado......

Congratulations to Jo - if you could contact me, with your address, so I can pop your candy in the post.
There will be another competition next month, with the opportunity to win more Poppicrafts candy. Once again, thank you to everyone for all their fantabulous entries... Jos card is here-

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A couple of bits and bobs

Made a couple of bits and bobs over the last couple of days. The first was a nice little plain and simple book for my mum to keep all her little seed packets in AND she requested it to be plain so she could decorate it herself. Do we have a crafter in the making I ask myself. To be honest its so she can write on the cover and the envelopes. She is fantastic at calligraphy, but not many people seem to do it these days, which is a shame! I simply covered some 2mm chipboard, cut a bit bigger than the envelope size. Punched the holes and used some binding rings. Put a couple of eyelets in the covers and tied with "a mothers love" twill.
I also made 3 cards yesterday and have decided today I shall join most of the other bloggers out there and use up all those papers that we seem to save for no apparent reason. So over the next few weeks, you will probably see some rather dated papers being used up - I apologise now!!!
Supplies are: Brads, Eyelets, Rub-ons and blooms - Poppicrafts, Papers - DCWV and Pink petticoat, Ribbon - Ribbon Oasis
TFL and thanks to everyone who left me info on the round stamps that I am looking for - I am perusing ebay daily to see if I can find them, now I know who they are made by. x

Thursday, 17 January 2008

A few cards!!

Just want to thank everyone who has entered the valentine competition so far. I have had a great response - so keep them coming ladies!!!!! You never know, it could be YOU!!!!

Made a couple of cards this week and have started on a couple of projects, which reminds me I havent posted the pics of my mums scrapbook for christmas yet. Hmmm, I must do that tomorrow!!

Oh yeah thats what I was going to ask - I hardly ever stamp, but I have seen some circle stamps with birthday sentiments written round the edges and through the middle. I have found the Autumn leaves ones, but their not birthday sentiments, If anyone has a clue what I am talking about, could you please, please tell me who makes them.

Anyway supplies for the cards are: Papers - pink petticoat, Brads and eyelets - Poppicrafts, Ribbon - ribbon oasis.

thanks for popping by...

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Where. Oh where has my mojo gone????

What a disaster!!! Well not really, it is only a card after all, but I think I have lost my thread somewhere..... Mind you I havent made a card since before Christmas and with a million and one things on my to-do list, I'm not surprised. You know when you get those great days, when you have loads of ideas and make a few good cards and then theres days like today, when you just know your cards not going to turn out how you expect. Well I decided to make a card for grandad, whos 81 next week, I didnt really feel in the mood and thought he likes reading and gardening, so i'l make card with a couple of bookmarks. This is what I came up with and I am not thrilled with it, to say the least, I dont know if I'm the only one who gets this, but I was pushing the pieces around the card blank and getting nowhere, so I just stuck it down.Oh well, nevermind maybe tomorrow i'l feel inspired again and come up with something else. :(

P.S. If anyone finds my mojo... PLEASE GIVE IT BACK!!!!

Monday, 7 January 2008

Just a Quickie!!!!!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind and lovely comments, since I have been blogging - its inspirational to know that people come and visit and are interested in what you do. I dont always have time to return the comments, but appreciate them all the same. So, thank you. I have one New Year resolution and that is to blog more......

I have been a bit naughty recently, but what with Christmas preparations and cherishing the time that Riley is off school, I just havent had enough hours in the day. Riley went back to school today :( so I am a little sad. We had a lovely couple of weeks playing endlessly with their toys (Ker-plunk is favourite at the moment, which bought back memories of my childhood and my brother always winning at everything - but thats another story) and enjoying special time together. Poppi seemed quite pleased today, as she played with Rileys Christmas presents without being told off by him. I did make sure they were back in the boxes before we collected him from school. Anyway here are a couple of pics of Christmas morning. The first present Poppi opened was her fairy costume, she is so girly and put it on straight away at about 06:30. Riley was a little overwhelmed by it all, mainly because he didnt sleep too well Christmas eve, as he started to panic that santa would know he wasnt asleep and may not visit. Then the cheeky little monkey, as I tucked him in bed Christmas night asked "Will santa come again tonight, I had such a lovely day?" Yeah, sure if i take out a second mortgage I thought. It was a great day with all the family - we went out for lunch which we have never done before, so it was fab, especially for mum, not having to cook and be the hostess. Then we all piled back here and had another prezzie session, it was fantastically chaotic. The little dinkies stayed up until 9pm without any tears - amazing!!!! They had a magical day and thats what its all about. We took down the decorations yesterday, which made Riley a bit upset. He is sooo like me as a child. He snuck one of the snowmen up to his room, not quite wanting christmas to be over. I can remember doing the same sort of thing myself. Anyway must dash - you never know I might even post some pictures of cards sometime soon. TFL xx

Friday, 4 January 2008

Anyone fancy a little competition??

Hi, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and would like to wish all the best for 2008.
To celebrate the launch of the poppicrafts website I will be running monthly competitions.

Januarys competition is very simple:
"Make a valentines Day card using only these 3 colours - BLACK, RED and WHITE."
The prizes from the shop are: a box of 300 paper blooms, 3 boxes of grosgrain fabric brads and a pack of 40 screw brads. Simply post a comment with the link to your card, or email me a picture to Closing date is 24th January and the winner will be decided and posted on here on 25th January.

Good luck everyone and have fun.