Monday, 7 January 2008

Just a Quickie!!!!!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind and lovely comments, since I have been blogging - its inspirational to know that people come and visit and are interested in what you do. I dont always have time to return the comments, but appreciate them all the same. So, thank you. I have one New Year resolution and that is to blog more......

I have been a bit naughty recently, but what with Christmas preparations and cherishing the time that Riley is off school, I just havent had enough hours in the day. Riley went back to school today :( so I am a little sad. We had a lovely couple of weeks playing endlessly with their toys (Ker-plunk is favourite at the moment, which bought back memories of my childhood and my brother always winning at everything - but thats another story) and enjoying special time together. Poppi seemed quite pleased today, as she played with Rileys Christmas presents without being told off by him. I did make sure they were back in the boxes before we collected him from school. Anyway here are a couple of pics of Christmas morning. The first present Poppi opened was her fairy costume, she is so girly and put it on straight away at about 06:30. Riley was a little overwhelmed by it all, mainly because he didnt sleep too well Christmas eve, as he started to panic that santa would know he wasnt asleep and may not visit. Then the cheeky little monkey, as I tucked him in bed Christmas night asked "Will santa come again tonight, I had such a lovely day?" Yeah, sure if i take out a second mortgage I thought. It was a great day with all the family - we went out for lunch which we have never done before, so it was fab, especially for mum, not having to cook and be the hostess. Then we all piled back here and had another prezzie session, it was fantastically chaotic. The little dinkies stayed up until 9pm without any tears - amazing!!!! They had a magical day and thats what its all about. We took down the decorations yesterday, which made Riley a bit upset. He is sooo like me as a child. He snuck one of the snowmen up to his room, not quite wanting christmas to be over. I can remember doing the same sort of thing myself. Anyway must dash - you never know I might even post some pictures of cards sometime soon. TFL xx


All Pink girl said...

Arrr these photos are so cute thanks so much for sharing ,Dawnx

Anonymous said...

ahhh Michelle sooo glad you had a lovely time...Your little girl Poppie is a little Princess in her Fairy outfit.
Glad your back blogging!!!
Glad yor shop back open look forward to more of your beautiful creations:)xxx
Thanks to for being soooo lovelyxxx
Oh I`ve put about ????stone all that gorg chocciex

Littlekel90 said...

Wow, Michelle, your children look like they are having a blast! They are both very cute, but what a little princess she is in that dress. :) Kelly

Kim said...

Wow what a wonderful post was a joy to read, your children are beautiful and that outfit is hust too cute... Bless Riley , Is santa coning Ohhee I wished he would , with loads of crafty