Monday, 6 October 2008

Design Team Update

Nothing to show today. I was unwell last week so am a bit behind on my work. I just wanted to say thank you for the huge response for the design team call. I shall be popping by all of your blogs this week to look at your beautiful work and will announce the team shortly.
Thanks to everyone for asking about Poppis speech therapy. She had her appointment which we have been waiting for since March and she was really good, sitting there for an hour looking at pictures and saying what she saw. It was just so funny, there was a picture of a frog and the speech therapist asked her what it was, she answered correctly. Then she asked "what has the frog got on his head Poppi?" Mouthing the word "crown" to see whether Poppi could say it ok.
"His pants?" said Poppi. Well I nearly wet myself. Admitingly, it wasnt a very good drawing of a crown, but it certainly didnt look like pants!!!!! Anyway, the upshot is, that she actually does not need speech therapy after all. Which is a bit odd. I guess that she has improved since March, so it is all good!!!!
Just to let you know there will be a competition next week to win some Poppicrafts goodies, so watch this space.


Alison said...

So glad all went well with the wee one, its always a worry. Lol pants out of the mouths of babes eh, love it.

Macpurp said...

kids are so funny!
good luck finding your design team xx

Emma said...

Thats fantastic news and trust her to come up with such an entertaining answer! LOL!
Hugs Em.x

Poppet said...

Glad it all went ok i remember when we went with sammie and she asked why the lady had a tash, i wanted the floor to open up lol...

Maybe she will change the picture to make it look more like a crown, it really made me smile love Pops x x x

All Pink girl said...

Arr i am so glad Poppi is ok with the speack xxxxxlov the pants though lolxxxx
my little girl told her nursary teacher that the top the teacher was wearing was hurting her eyes to day lolxxx so there is always some thing with kids lolxxx
takecare hugs Dawnxx

Anonymous said...

Aw bless Poppi...
Love it!!! Kids are so `Honest` aswell...
I remember being in Tesco`s
with Mason once...
All of a sudden he looked so scared!!!...I said
"Whats wrong Mason"
turning round to see!!!lol...
He said `Why has that man got a bog nose` Granny..Well what could I say????
Maybe it was really Father Christmas!!!LOL:)~X~

Gayle said...

Oh Michelle
That did make me laugh...I mean 'pants'??? I have a two and a half year old daughter and she's always getting me in trouble!!! Glad to know I'm not alone...also glad things went so well for you both!
Gayle x

scotspanda said...

glad to hear the speech therapy went well and that Poppi doesn't need it after all. great news.

don't you just love it when kids come out with these things!! I hope you are writing these things down to embarrass her when she is older lol


Amanda xxx

Carol said...

Glad Poppi 's appointment went well..... I love the pants comment BLESS!!


Elaine said...

Bless Poppi lol, my youngest son waited and waited for speech therapy and he was told the same thing Michelle, that he didnt need it... be warned hes not shut up since lol!!!

Elaine x

Donna said...

omg i have been buying your lovely flowers and ribbons for ages and i never knew you had a blog lol. I've just been looking at the poppicraft site and noticed. Now going to have a good old read of it, would have loved to have entered your dt call too, i'll maybe catch it next time for a go. Donna x