Wednesday, 19 September 2007


Made these today for my friends daughters. Thought they may like a matching pair. Used Pink petticoat handbag templates. Paperchase flower and heart clips, flowers and buttons from stash.

What a week so far - Had a wisdom tooth out yesterday - OUCH!!! and i am really missing Riley in the mornings when he is at school. Its so strange and quiet without him. I cant seem to get organised as our usual routine has disappeared and a new era has begun. So used to getting up and out the door early to do the weekly shop, or meet Nanna, Now we are just sitting around awaiting 08:30 to do the school run thing. He seems happy enough though - mind you, he did ask me on Monday night, if it was the weekend yet as he was tired and needed a couple of days rest. Aaww! bless him...

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jackie1h1 said...

Just came across your blog and thought I would have a noisy. Your card designs are lovely and I love Pink Petticoat papers, the designs are so versatile. Hope your little boy is enjoying school and its such a hard time for mums. I have three teenagers and each time one of them started school, I felt so upset and loss. He will be fine and will have such fun.
Take care.