Sunday, 16 March 2008


Well its past midnight, so that makes it my mums birthday - Happy Birthday Mum - Youre the best!!!!!!!!! Have a lovely day! I made these two cards for her, its safe to show them, because she will be in bed now and by the time she hits blogland in the morning she wouldve opened them. I used these stamps, as I know that she loves them and the one from me, is how I see her in few years time, wanderind round her garden with pot plants (dont know about the bunchies though!!) The other one is from my dad and it reminds me of them both when I look at photos of when they were younger. My dad had thick brown hair and my mum was all little and thin, and still is.
For the first one, I had a go at a frame card - turned out ok for a first attempt, added some blooms, inked hearts, and a bit of doodling. Popped a message on the back, to cover up the messy bits.
The second one is just a standard card, with some new ribbon from my shop and some yummy crochet flowers, that should be coming into stock soon. I love texture on cards. I am not a paper stroker, as I know many of you are, I much prefer ribbon, velvet and other materials that are soft to touch.
Poppi had a great time at Pre-school this week - she is very proud of her school uniform and wants to wear it every day now. I picked her up on Friday and she burst into tears. There I was thinking "what have they done to her, why is she so upset?" and the first thing she says to me is "Please my not go home mummy" Children eh? Still I am really happy that she is enjoying spending time with children of her own age. On my way to pick her up I had to pass Rileys school and I knew that the whole school were doing a sponsored run, around the sports field for Sport relief, as I turned the corner in the car, I thought "I bet wont be able to see him" He is only tiny and amongst 100 children, would be difficult to spot. To my joy, he was running right alongside the fence. He didnt see me and Im glad he didnt, because the sheer determination in his little rosie face, to keep up with the older children was overwhelming. It bought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. I shall remember that brief moment forever. I am so very proud of them both. When I eventually picked Riley up he was really pleased to tell me that he had managed 8 laps, but apparently he did fall over on lap 6, because his legs stopped working. "Well done" I said, as I looked down at his feet. "In fact really well done" I thought, considering he had his plimsolls on the wrong feet. aaawww!!! What a trooper...
TFL have a great weekend


SammieJay said...

Your anecdotes abt the kids bring so much back to me, bring tears to my eyes and make me smile! Keep sharing!

The cards are really FAB. Well done for the frame card -I still haven't had a go- and I particularly love those little crocheted flowers.

SammieJay xxx

Katty Bell said...

Oh, how sweet! Kids just bring such joy into the world with their unique little ways... bless!
Michelle, I have never seen such cute cards as these, absoloutely beautiful, I'm sure mum will adore them.

Anonymous said...

Aw bless you ...and the kids...
Wow these cards are adorable Michelle ...your Mam will love them.Have a great Day:)x

Cheryl said...

Love both my cards as I know the thought and love that went into them..... Never do I get anything from you that hasn't taken your time, caring thoughts and mostly your love.

Your stories of my dear grandchildren never fails to touch my heart and there isn't a day that goes by that they are not in my mind and soul.

Thank you as always for making my day special.

Mum xxxx

Dawny P said...

Oh Mich - it brought a lump to my throat reading this, especially why you chose the stamp for your Mum and Dad. I wonder if whoever designed it will ever know what it has meant. I bet your lovely Mum was thrilled - you are such a caring soul xxx And bless little Riley’s heart (again xx). That brought an even bigger lump to my throat – I am a big softie with dinks. xxxxx. Glad Poppi’s loving school so bless her little heart as well xxxxxxx

Viv said...

Hi Michelle,
Just found your blog via Pink Petticoat and love it.
As with everyone else, I had a tear in my eye at everything on this one, from the beautifully thought out cards to the images of the children that bring back such happy memories for me. Thanks for sharing.
I've taken the liberty of adding you to my blog. if that's OK.



All Pink girl said...

wow michelle fantastic cards as always ,your mum will love them ,Dawnxxx

traciejane said...

oh wow these are gorgeous, i bet your mum loved them both. I love the frame card, made my first one too last week for PTW, had loads of fun. :-)x