Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Ribbon Kits and Snowy Easter

These are the new limited edition ribbon kits and collections on the poppicrafts website, if you fancy a peek.
I hope everyone had a great easter. We went over to my mums for an easter egg hunt. It makes me realise how competitive Riley is. Every time he found another egg, he had to check that he had more than Poppi, he is sooo funny!! As for Poppi, well, she wouldve been thrilled to bits with just one egg. She is so content with the smallest of things, she really is an absolute joy. Then yesterday we went to our local indoor play centre, its huge, with slides, climbing frames etc... Fearless Poppi decided to go down the slide and halfway down lost her balance. The result was, nearly putting her teeth through her lip. She has a big cut on the inside and this morning it was all bruised and swollen. My poor little baby girl, I cannot bare it for her. Why cant we just have these cuts and bruises ourselves for them. She is so brave, she did scream when it happened, after I mopped her up and put an icepack on it, she held my hand and took me up to the slide again. This time sitting on my lap though.

Anyway, here are some pics of the snow on sunday from our house and boy, was it bitterly cold!!! Snow at easter? The british weather certainly never ceases to amaze me.
TFL xx


Cheryl said...

Love all the bits and pieces Mich. I sometimes wish I was a crafter, its so much prettier than seeds. But oh the flowers, no I will stick to gardening.

Love the snow scenes. Very Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

"Wow" snow at this time of year...hope Poppi is better now:)xxx

Dawny P said...

oooh poor little Poppi - big hugs and kisses from Aunty Pink Piggy to her xxxx. I hope she is better Mich. You feel it more than they do dont you. Lovely scenes by the way - I love snow. Hate the mushy mess that it leaves though. Hope you are ok chicken xxxx

traciejane said...

wow Michelle this ribbon kit is gorgeous, I'll be ordering some in a mo. Thanks for your kind comments and as I cant make cards at the mo:( ... I cant resisting checking out everyones blogs (left handed mind - to rest the right one) Oh my, my thoughts were with you on Poppi's story, hope she's ok and feels better soon - bless her she's so brave.
Take Care
Tracie :-)x
love the snowy pics x

traciejane said...

Hi, me again - well Im not surprised you've sold out of those gorgeous ribbon kits... was just so excited about ordering them to... oh well.
Could you do me a favour and let me know when there back in stock - you can find my email link on my blog. I so want some of those lovely packs.
Tracie :-)x