Tuesday, 1 April 2008

New Ribbon Kit and competition.

Just to remind you, there are only a few days left to enter the Poppicrafts competition. The rules are to make a card or altered item using ribbon. The winner wil be chosen based on originality for use of the ribbon. The winner will receive 50 yards of mixed ribbons (1 yard of each of the 50 designs, as shown above). Unfortunately, only one person has entered so far - which doesnt really make it a competition does it?? I hope a few of you will have a go!

Also, the new "Sunshine" ribbon kit has been released today. It is the usual kit price of £5.99 if any of you fancy a look. It is a bit different to the usual pink based kits, so I hope you like it.

And last but certainly not least, this was my little girl on Friday, when she came home from pre-school. Usually, as soon as we get in I start getting tea, while Riley and Poppi play together, when I called them both only Riley came into the kitchen. She never ever falls asleep anywhere, except in bed, obviously. She had obviously found her dummy, tigger and towel. We call Poppi and Riley the towlettes in our house, as neither of them will go to bed without there little squares of towels and Poppi has to have "the silky bit" (thats the label by the way) by her face. She must have just been so, so tired - bless her!
And this was Riley after a birthday party at the weekend - and yes there were tears when we had to wash it off, as he would no longer be "the real spiderman".

TFL have a good evening.


Jo said...

Ooh, how cute are they!!!

Cheryl said...

The packet of ribbons and flowers etc are lovely Michelle. Beautiful combination.

My two grandchildren are the absolute best. I love them to bits.

Anonymous said...

oh wow Michelle your little ones are just adorable...and Our Mason wont sleep without his.."Cuski" he calls it....he has to play with the tag too:)
Look at sweet Poppi bless and Riley looks as tho he`s had a great time.Hope you are all well Michelle:)
Your ribbons are sooo scrummy:)x

Dawny P said...

Ahh bless them little dinks. Just gorgeous they are xxx Fab ribbons by the way - I love those colours xxx

Sarah said...

I'm working on my entry now! i hope to have it finished later today.

Sarah said...

I have made something for the competition - a banner for my craft room. Gorgeous ribbons by the way!

You can see my entry on my blog;


Sharon said...

Hi Michelle
My entry for the ribbon comp is on my blog.
Sharon x


ScrapMetal said...

What a great competition, I never really know how to use ribbon so I'm really pleased that I found your blog.

My card can be found here


Juliet said...

Aw bless! What a little sweetie Poppi is and I love Spiderman!
Don't know if you saw my entry Michelle, but just thought I would post again that it's on my blog (the Christmas tree).

Juliet xx

pretty-pink-cards said...

HI Michelle
How fab are your cards..
I have entered you competition hope its not too late.
Read you blog often and yet missed this in March!!!!! Doh
Here is my entry

Caroline x

SammieJay said...

Yay! I did it and not a brad in sight!!! Just 84cm of ribbon inspired by.... Poppicrafts.
Ribbon card on my blog post dated Sunday 6th April.
Thanks for taking a look!
SammieJay xxx