Friday, 16 January 2009

Please help ME!!

Does anyone know anything about cameras????
I love my camera and try and nurture it, but it is not being very nice to me.
Every time I switch it on "write protect" is on the display I cant take any photos. I checked the card and the lock slider is off, so it cant be that. So I have just purchsed a new card and guess what - Flippin "write protect" is still on the display. AAAGHHH!!! I would really appreciate any help with this, as it is getting REALLY frustrating now. I have looked in the manual and as always when I go to the troubleshooting section, there is nothing about the problem that I have. I am no professional when it comes to cameras and im sure that it is easily rectified, if only someone could please tell me how, PLEEEASE....
Therefore surprise,surprise I have nothing have to show today..anyway hope you all have a great weekend.


Diane.W. said...

what kind of camera is it? :o)x

Cheryl said...

Oh dear.....I can't believe it is doing that. Sorry lovely don't ask me I am still trying to work mine out.....
Could bring it tomorrow and ask Dad to take a look.....

Katy said...

Hi Michelle

My OH is a professional photographer, I've had a word with him he says if it not the slider lock near the memory card, there will be a menu on the camera itself, which will probably be under protection or something that might do the trick, or alternatively he said there should be a reset button on the camera, which might be the best thing to do as sometimes cameras get jammed and need resetting. He said it won't break the camera resetting it.

Hope thats been of some help if not let me know and I'll ask him for any more ideas :)


Katy said...

No probs Michelle :)

Thanks for your wishes aswell




tracie said...

Hi Michelle, Oh no what a nightmare - sorry I can't help you hun, I can just about use mine, lol.
Loving the calendar you made for your mum its gorgoeus.
There's a little something for you on my blog.
Hope you manage to sort out the camera.
Have a great weekend
Tracie :)x

Beth said...

Hi Michelle, oh what a bummer! Mine says this sometimes, there is a little switch on the side of the sim card, sometimes it gets slid over by mistake and that protects the sim card. It might have happened to yours and you would just need to slide it back again. If it's not that then I'm sorry, I don't know anything else about cameras! But I hope that helps! xx