Monday, 19 January 2009

Awards and a couple more gifts!!

Well, still no camera!! AAAGHH, how frustrating. I have lots of lush Poppicrafts creative designer work and new stock to photograph, but cannot get any of it done right now.
Anyway, over the last week or so two fantastic girlies have given me awards. I feel very honoured, because I don't get much time to blog anymore, so I very much appreciate that they haven't forgotten me - thank you ladies!

They are Susie who I have known for about 3 years now. She is very,very sweet and and has helped Poppicrafts no end, by recommending the shop to her friends. For that I am always grateful. However, I didn't know that she had a blog and if you want to pop over and see some of her gorgeous creations and wow! she just has the most organised craft room. Check it out here !!
And Tracie, who is one of my creative designers, who certainly works her magic with Poppicrafts products and is a special person and great friend.
Now, I am meant to pass it on to 5 other people, a couple of which I know wont put it on their blogs, but that is cool, its not compulsory. I just want them to know that they have encouraged me one way or another. They are:
My mum who has always encouraged me to be myself and believe in my dreams, throughout my whole life.
Sarah who doesn't even know it, but encouraged me to start a blog.
Dawny - Yes, you know why you have encouraged me of late...
Melissa - whose blog I have never left a comment on, but every time I read it, it encourages me to try and make something really beautiful and enjoy something about every day.
Andrea - whose blog encourages me to one day attempt something hybrid.

Well as I still camera -less!!! I thought i would show you a couple of brag books that I made as little Christmas prezzies.

And one of my LITTLE FAIRY -

Well that's it for tonight then. TFL,



Dawny P said...

Ohh thank you Mich - that's what us scally scousers are for xxxxx And congrats to you for getting it in the first place :))

I have to say that I love the pics of the dinks. You have 2 beautiful kids Mich, both on the outside and more importantly, on the inside as well. And I reckon that if they could, they would give this award to you themselves cos you are such a wonderful mum to them. Big hugs chick xxxxx

Cheryl said...

Oh dear I am all emotional again.....thank you for the award......always here....

Have just looked at the lovely books, they really are special and will always be treasured......

Macpurp said...

congrats on your awards!

and what beautiful books and even more beautiful babies you have!

love tina xx

Sarah said...

Aaagh - thanks, I've only just seen this Mich! Well I for one am really glad you did start your lovely blog.

Love these latest additions - the books are wonderful.

Marlene said...

fabulous!! love it all :)

Marlene x

Viv said...

Fab pictures of the kiddies Michelle. Found the link to the craft shop and your blog, so no need to forward now. Thanks for your help!!! ;0)
Viv xx