Friday, 9 January 2009

What a week

Well where did the week go?? There I was on Sunday evening, wishing the Christmas holidays werent over, as the 3 of us had so much fun just playing with games and toys. It was lovely to have quality time, shut off from work and just relax. So, by the time I went to bed I was all prepared to get back to work. Woke up Monday and there was a blanket of snow on the ground. We couldnt even get off the drive, so we had another day of playing - hooray!!! So I didnt get any work done after all.
Tuesday I very slowly and cautiously took Poppi to the doctors as she has an eye infection.
On Wednesday I had to take Riley to speech therapy, only to find I was completely in the wrong place, so had to drive across town to get the right place. What a wally! Well thats what Riley called me anyway.
Thursday I spent the day in bed with horrible head pains and went back to bed as soon as the children were asleep. A couple of friends have had the same thing, so its obviously some sort of virus. Well the snow is still here and the roads near us have been really icy. Its been blimmin awful.
Then this morning the temperature on the car was reading -7. All this week I have been starting the car 10 minutes before we leave, to help get shot of the ice. This morning I got the scraper out and nothing happened!!!! I thought the scraper was broken - no!! My neighbour gave me some de-icer to help - no!!! it just froze on the windscreen. 20 minutes later I was actually getting somewhere, so I scraped a bit off and then just sat in the car and waited, before my fingers dropped off. We have to drive about 3 miles along country lanes and down steep hills before we get to a main road, so by the time we get to school I feel like have been driving for ages. I must look like one of those typical women drivers, nose on the windscreen and finger dents in the steering wheel where I am gripping it so tight (dont know why, its not like it helps!!!) I am hoping it will clear up by next week.
Heres a few pages from a scrapbook I made for mum as one of her Christmas prezzies. As some of you know, mum loves her garden and every year I make her one. This year I decided to make it as simple as possible, to leave lots of room for photos,journalling,doodles etc... She does like to doodle. In previous years it has been more of a glorified photo album, but I thought it would be nicer to see the finished article with scribbles and notes etc...
It feels a little odd showing the LO's with no photos or writing in, its like showing you a piece of patterned paper and telling you its a birthday card, because obviously the focal point is missing. I have quite a few gifts to show, but I shall leave those for another day. There are more than enough pictures here and I dont want to bore you to tears. Please excuse the poor light photos, they were of course taken on Christmas eve, when I was tearing around wrapping the presents.

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend.


Sarah said...

Yep - Baby it's cold outside! I am now completely fed up of iced up windscreens and running the heating 24/7.

LOVE your Mum's garden book Mich, it will look even more fabulous when it's covered with photos of her wonderful garden. Great use of FP felt as well ;o)

Take care, love to the little ones,
Sarah x

Anonymous said...

these are fab Michelle..
Hope next week is a better week for you all:)~X~

Cheryl said...

Hi Lovely.......great write up about your week......and you did have a week, didn't you!

I love my book, it looks even better for will be good to see the contrast between this one and previous years....

and I did get the doodle bit!!

Dawny P said...

Well these are so gorgeous Mich - I can picture your Mum's beautiful pictures on those pages xxx Oh how rotten for you being under the weather, no pun intended, but quite appropriate under the circumstances. You stay warm chick and stay off the roads cos they are really lethal. Hope you are better soon, and big get well hugs from me xxxxxxx

Marcea said...

OMG what a nightmare you have had with the weather and feeling poorly. Love the pages you have made - I think it is lovely to get it empty because I can imagine your mum thinking about how she will fill them - or looking in her garden and knowing exactly what she wants to take pics of for each page.
Also wanted to say thanks again for the fab service hun - loving my new stash

Sara x said...

What a week! You must all be relieved its over - now if ony I could say the same about the weather... I love the album and all its nice bits 'n bobs!

Macpurp said...

gosh you have had a lot going on, hope you and Poppi both feel better soon.

it has been very cold here too.

scrap book pages are fantastic!

love tina xx