Monday, 2 February 2009

What a Fun day!

It seems like only yesterday I was posting about building snowmen and here we are again.
Well Rileys prayers were answered last night - Loads of Snow!!!
Now apparently (so Riley tells me) if you say 2 prayers at night, one to god and the other to jesus, then it should come true, because if god is too busy answering more important requests, then Jesus will answer your prayers for you.
So this is what we got today, 5 inches of soft white fluffiness. I decided not to take the children to school, as the lanes are a nightmare. So it was a day of fun instead.

It was great!!! So of course we had to build a snowman. First the dinkies asked for a castle, with water around and turrets. Then Poppi insisted on having a princess in it, Riley wanted a King, so they argued while I started building.
Eventually they decided that they would join in and actually a snowman could be quite cool, if we gave him windmill arms.

After about 15 minutes Riley decided it would be far more fun to try and attack me. Having the camera on zoom, I could see he was trying to spy exactly where I was.

I am not very patient when it comes to taking photos, but I was quite pleased that I actually caught this shot with the snowball in mid flight.

As for Poppi, well she is very impressed with her new friend (also called Poppi) and waved goodnight to him from her bedroom tonight.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but its likely they will be off school again - hooray!!!
Did you enjoy the snow today?


Cheryl said...

How lovely Mich....I know they are my grandchildren but aren't they just so perfect. I was there with you for a few moments in time.......and hey nice the snowball shot......

Have fun and love you all........

Dawny P said...

Ohh I wish I lived nearer Mich cos I would have been in there with you chick!!! We have had a fair bit of snow - well for us - although most of it is gone now. It looks like these 2 little treasures had such a fabulous time, bless their little hearts xxxxx

Anonymous said...

`Wow` fabulous photo`s of Poppi and Riley glad they are enjoying the snow Michelle...
We havent had a drop yet!!!lol...
Mason has been to the Lakes the laast two days tho(cos we are right on the doorstep)....and had `sledging heaven...TFS
Have a lovely Wednesday:)~X~

Rose said...

Your photos are adorable--what fun they must have had in the snow! I'll have to remember Riley's theology the next time I really need a prayer answered:) (Came over here from your mother's who is understandably proud of her grandchildren!)

Wendy said...

I am glad you are one of the sensible parents, who keep their children home when the roads are bad. Here in Canada we have "snow days" - so many per winter. But sometimes the schools stay open anyway, even if the weather is bad. And parents send their children. Not very safe to my way of thinking.

You look like you thoroughly enjoyed your "snow day" at home with the children. They are such sweet little treasures - enjoy them while they are young. Before you know it........ (I'm sure your mother has said that to you many times before - you don't need to hear it from me!)
Big hugs from across the ocean!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is wonderful to see Riley and Poppi enjoying the snowfall. You were making great memories for your children.

Riley looked so happy when he was about to bean you with a snowball. I love the snowball shot too.

Of course Poppi warms ones heart with that sweet smile.

I have met your children over at Cheryl's Sanctuary.

Watching your children through their Grandmothers eyes always brings me back to my children when they were their age. Ahhh yes, sweet memories.

Macpurp said...

Oh what beautiful pictures!!
i love the snow ball in mid flight!
love tina x