Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Yes the inevitable happened today. Some moron decided to post a comment today on my blog, with a link to some porn. Fortunately, Riley wasnt sitting with me, when I checked it out. Anyway I just wanted to apologise in case anyone else looked at the link and was as offended and me. I didnt really want to change my blog to comment approval, but I have and suggest that maybe you do to. Why these people do this I dont know, but there we go, whats done is done!
Its Rileys last day at school tomorrow, then hes off for half term - YIPPEEE!!! Mind you, hel'l probably be bored by Tuesday and want to go back, but we will be out about and i will try and keep him as busy as possible, so dont be surprised if I dont blog much next week (he probably wont allow it) Im sure he gets more bossy by the day and of course Poppi just has to follow suit. They are constantly telling me off, but I wouldnt change them for the world. They do make me laugh. Riley was doing that vile boy thing the other day, picking his nose and eating it. When I asked what he was doing "recycling mummy" was the reply - YUK!!!! What a dirty little toad. Mind you he does have his lovely little ways too. After watching the little clip of Kirsty Wisemans daughter. He did ask "can I give her all the money from my money box please?" and he did, we counted it all out and gave it to so I am very proud of him really.
Thanks for popping by x


Cheryl said...

You always get one idiot, don't you!!!!

Children always make us laugh and cry.......the pleasures of motherhood.


Dawny P said...

There is always one!! I had a similar thing at work - very embarrasing as all our e-mails etc are monitored. I can only imagine what him upstairs (the Boss) must have thought!! No wonder he looks at me funny now :-(

I agree with your Mum ie the pleasures of motherhood. My 2 year old Grandaughter who lives here with us is mostly a joy, but every now and then ........... Still, we wouldn't be without them. Have a great break with your little poppets xx

Dawny P said...

Awww what a little sweetie!!! Isn't it nice when they do stuff like that - makes you go all goooeyyy. Bless his little heart. Makes up for the bogie stuff I reckon. Have a great break with your little treasures xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle...I`v awarded you an Award take a look on my blog:)xxx

Kim said...

Awwww bless him, lol at the recycling...

I had to change mine to blogger approval a while back, it does make me mad though idiot people..