Saturday, 23 February 2008


Here are a few more of the cards I made for the order. Ive been playing really, you know how it is, you get stuck in a rut, making the same sort of cards, so since the new year Ive been playing with stamps (who'd have thought it - me stamping!) I got so carried away I even stamped some of the blooms!!!!! Ive been using different colours etc... to try and, not change my style but experiment more I guess... Mind you as you will notice, some of them came out in exactly the same style I usually use - I done it without even realising it. How odd!!!! I am going through that phase at the moment, where I do a bit of blog hopping, get totally inspired, go to my desk and on the way, someone has removed my brain - I go completely blank. Maybe my mind is elsewhere at the moment, after all you cant just sit down and make yourself be creative, can you?? It has to come naturally. I am completely convinced that the more you concentrate on making something, the worse it turns out.

Anyway, I enjoyed playing with the big cakes and Hettie (or as my delightful daughter calls her "big butt") from Pink Petticoat. I never tire of using the images, as they are very versatile and of course always at hand to play with. So although a few got pushed to one side - I'l finish those later, Experimenting more with chalks, inks and different pens was fun - and thats why we do all this creative stuff after all - to enjoy it!! Thanks for looking, hope you are all having a good weekend. I'l post the rest tomorrow.
Supplies are:
Papers - pink petticoat, DCWV. Brads, Eyelets, shopping charms and blooms - Poppicrafts. Ribbon - Poppicrafts, Ribbon Oasis.
Oh yes and dont forget the Poppicrafts competition closes next week, so get your entries in soon.


Cheryl said...

They are lovely Michelle, love the first one. Yes they are different from your usual creations, I love em. Your soooooo clever.
Being a novice blogger what does lol mean. People put in on my comments and I think ?

Michelle said...

Hi Mum,
Thanks for always looking at my cards, youre lovely!!!
lol, Its used in so many contexts, isnt it? Anyway it can mean any of these and loads more. Lots of love. Laugh out load. Lots of laughs, Lots of luck. Love of life. Mainly the first 2 though.
lol, lol,
(that stood for, lots of love, laugh out loud by the way)

Dawny P said...

Hi Mich. Just finished my blog entry for today and thought I would do a bit of blog hopping before beddy byes. Couldn't believe it when I read that you had had a bit of the old mental block as well!! Is it something in the water do you reckon lol xx It's soooo frustrating. Still, I don't suppose you can turn it on and off like a tap can you? If only!!! I did eventually get some done but it was hard work. You're right - the more you try the less it happens.

Like you, I am not really a stamper but I have bought a few recently and to be honest, I have enjoyed fiddling with them, even though paper is and always will be my first love..

Your posted stuff tonight is fabulous by the way. I love your Hettie big bum. Isn't it great to see what everyone does with her. I haven't really played with the cupcakes yet but you may have just inspired me lol xxx

SammieJay said...

Wow -how DO you do it!!!! So much variety & output. You are an inspiration!
I adore Hettie -so much energy & fun in a stamp. I just cannot stamp. OK so I"m new at the whole game, but whereas I enjoy picking up a piece of wire & fiddling with it until it takes shape, I just cannot stamp an image....

Maybe I'll grow into it, but for the moment keep me well supplied with Poppicrafts musical brads & I'm smiling :-) I needed to make a thank you card in the theatre between shows today & certainly made sure I left the house with a good supply of them!

I'll post the result on my blog tonight -not terribly original, but while being in the theatre for me is the pinnacle of creative intoxication the environment isn't great for making cards!!!

Michelle, thank you, thank you for sharing your beautiful designs.

traciejane said...

Wow Michelle these are as gorgeous as ever, loving your work just fabulous :-)x
Just placed another order for some lovely blooms, cant wait x

Anonymous said...

Wow Michelle these are all beautiful.I love the cupcakes,the blooms,the stamping ...oh I just love them all,Beautiful beautiful crads as always:)
I think we all do that tho,blog hopping then by the time we come to create our minds just seem to have left us somewhere!!!!:)x
Hope you all wellxxx

Jo said...

Oh Michelle, your cards truly are beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle I`ve left a card on my blog for your Februarys Challenge..Thankyou for a great Challenge again:)x

Kim said...

These are all utterly gorgeous...
I lurveee Big Butt too!!!! lol

All Pink girl said...

Wow wow wow so many gorgeous cards again Michelle fabulous work ,Dawnx

elisa said...

These are all so lovely.I love the colour combinations.Great.x

Angie C said...

Wow, I've just found your blog :-) Your cards are stunning and I love your blog too. Will be back again for another nosey soon

LuLu said...

Fantastic selection of cards. Seeing what you have created as made up my mind that I have to get that new Pink Petticoat download.

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Wow what gorgeous cards they are all scrummy.

Andrea :)