Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Finished - Well, one batch anyway!!!!

Finished mums 30 general Christmas cards today! Mind you, it wasnt at all tedious actually. Really enjoyed then, as they were simple (as requested) and of course I used Pink Petticoat papers and they are just lovely to work with. Pictures havent come out too well, but you get the general idea. Still have about 60 more to do, but at least mums are done. Oh, that is except for her special ones for family of course. I shall start those in the next couple of weeks.

Riley is still enjoying school, which I am absolutely thrilled about. Maybe its me, but why is it, I still dont seem to have time to do anything? Poppi misses Riley a little, but generally she is quite happy to amuse herself with Rileys toys. (not that I tell him that, I make sure they are all put away before we go and collect him, otherwise there will be grief)

Anyway must dash, going to make nan an altered tin for her 80th birthday on Sunday.

Thanks for looking x

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