Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Lolas boudoir

Had a go with the lush lolas boudoir from Pink Petticoat. Came up with these. Had fun trying to get a sparkly look. In the end decided to use sakura stardust, threw on some stampendous transparent stardust embossing powder while it was still wet, bit of heat it up tool and voila!!! Quite pleased with just how sparkly they are, allthough they probably dont look it in the pics.

Its freezing here today, heres a view from my bedroom window, where I frequently gaze from and get lost in deep thought before returning back to the real world!!! Its so very peaceful here, which is the complete opposite to my 31 years in the town. This is Rileys car on the drive, which is an old Riley Elf, I have had it for about 10 years now (which is why Riley is called Riley) It is a bit like a mini, but with a boot. He loves it and its fab for bombing down the country lanes. Whether it will still be around when RIley learns to drive, who knows - only another 13 years to go.
We noticed a little hedgehog last night shuffling around the garden, I havent told Riley yet, as he probably wouldnt have wanted to go to school and would have much rather gone searching around for his new found friend. So, we shall leave him some food tonight and see if he makes an appearance.

thanks for looking and have a good day. x


Marlou said...

your cards are beautiful!!! :)

Kim said...

Love your creations they are beautiful,,,,