Wednesday, 24 October 2007

How cute is my little lad!!!

Today, Riley and I were merrily chatting about Christmas and he was telling me what toys he would like. Of course I went down the "well if your good, who knows what santa may bring" route. Then he said "I know what i'm getting you, BATS" Bats? I reply, racking my brain to think what he maybe thinking or trying to say. (He does get quite cross, if I dont comprehend immediately what he is trying to tell me) "Not bats, Bats mummy, you love them!!"

"Try and describe them, I might understand a little more" I tell him.

"You know BATS, those things that you have lots of, put on your cards and are always buying"

"BRADS?" I question. "Yes, thats it mummy, Bats"

OMG I realise that I am inflicting my obsession onto my four year old son. I dont know whether to be amazed that he pays such interest in my addictions and knows me so well, or do I question the fact that maybe I talk about brads and embellishments all day or something, do I??? I hope not. Either way , he is the cutest little chap in the whole world and he OFFERED to do the vacuuming today, oh yeah.... for £1.00 he..he.. (hes learning young)

I must confess though, I am not really a paper stroker, but I do like a nice stash of ribbons and embellishments and yes maybe it is spiralling out of control... Perhaps I do need help!!!!

Anyway made this today, for an ongoing order I am doing,

Supplies are:

Papers - Pink petticoat

Small brads, Jumbo fabric brads and Stitch and doodle rub ons - my ebay shop

Cheeky clip - MM

Bare Chipboard flowers - papermill shop

Sentiment - Cuttlebug embossing folder

Paper frills - doodlebug


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Kim said...

Well That is sooo funny, it made me giggle what a cutie your son is....