Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Ive considered myself tagged by Jo. So here goes, 7 truly fascinating facts, that you never wanted to know about me.
1. I once came second in the world disco dancing championships (as coached by Len Goodman from Scrictly come dancing)
2. I love my mums roast dinners more than any other food.
3. I once did a bungee jump.
4. I still get excited on Christmas eve and cannot sleep.
5. I hate tangled up coat hangers, they make me feel quite aggresive.
6. I was a vegetarian for 23 years.
7. I have an HGV licence.

Well that was interesting wasnt it?????

Anyway, I have been playing with PP papers (just for a change) and made these. I really love the papers, I just can never decide which ones to use. I used sakura and american crafts glitter pens (not that you can really see how sparkly they are in the pic) I have also just ordered a cricut machine i'm sooo excited and made a few purchases at ribon oasis, their ribbons are rather yummy!!!
I was hoping that we would hear this week whether we have got our planning permission or not, but Ive got a feeling it could be a few more weeks yet. We are planning to build 2 more rooms upstairs on top of the current ground floor extension.I hope and pray that we get it, then I can have a crafty room again, rather than a little sectioned off bit in the lounge. We havent been able to decorate or anything since we moved in, because until we know if weve got the permission, we dont know whos going to be having which bedrooms. Mind you im not sure if Riley is going to want to change bedrooms, as he is currently in the largest room, which is the loft conversion, its quite big with his own bathroom. So he feels quite grown up and tells everyone he has his own bathroom (mmm!! not for long sunshine!) so I cant see him wanting to move out of there!!!!

Have a great day!!!

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